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Glistening Hydrangea Bow

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Indulge your discerning canine companion with the luxurious Glistening Hydrangea Bow, an exquisite accessory crafted for the most refined of pups. Meticulously hand-painted on sumptuous violet genuine silk, each bow boasts an elegant oval purple diamond accentuated by the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, ensuring an unparalleled sparkle from every angle. Available in both Petite and Mature sizes, this opulent adornment captures the ethereal beauty of the hydrangea flower, evoking a sense of eternal beauty.

Elevating canine couture to new heights, the Glistening Hydrangea Bow is more than a mere accessory‚ÄĒit's a symbol of prestige and affection for your beloved pet. Whether gracing the halls of high society or strolling through picturesque gardens, your canine companion will exude an aura of refined elegance that captivates all who behold them. Treat your cherished pet to the pinnacle of luxury with the Glistening Hydrangea Bow‚ÄĒa testament to the exquisite bond between owner and companion, where sophistication meets sublime indulgence.

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* Sizes are American and expressed in inches.


‚ÄĘ Hand painted and handcrafted in Great Britain


‚ÄĘ Genuine Silk
‚ÄĘ Swarovski Crystals